Lazarus Financial Group - Niche Debt Collection AgencyThe major difference between Lazarus Financial Group and other traditional collection agencies is that our service programs are tailor made and custom designed to fit the individual needs of each of our clients.  We are a niche driven agency, which allows us to take the time to fully understand your business and the specific challenges you face in recovering your debt.

None of our services are “canned” or from a template.

Lazarus Financial Group offers specific and specialized debt recovery programs that include:

One Rate Letter Series: A pre-charge off series that utilizes letter campaigns while the account is still active in your system. This series is designed to cure delinquency on your past due customers while they are in the 90, 60 or even 30 days past due status. The letters are sent on our letterhead with instructions to your customer to remit payment directly to you. This program is highly effective at reducing the amounts of past due accounts that eventually get sent for outside collections.

Our letter campaigns are unique because we don’t send form letters; we design letters with language to compliment your business.  The program has options for 2-6 letter series over a 15-, 30-, 45- or even 60-day time frame and can be designed to integrate with our contingency collections service. Best of all, this program has a flat rate for each account, so you know upfront exactly what your cost will be.

Consumer Rehabilitation: The Lazarus Financial Group Consumer Rehabilitation collection program is designed to capture consumers with poor payment performance in recurring monthly revenue contracts and “rehabilitate” them by collecting the past due amount from them and having them sign a new agreement. Rather than simply collecting the past due amount, our debt collection agents will rehabilitate the consumer by collecting a predetermined amount and engaging the consumer to sign a new agreement for service. This program benefit is that you realize the recovery of funds immediately on the past due amount and also insure future revenue from the consumer through the execution of a new service agreement. This program has been highly successful with several of our current lines of business.

Contingency Collections: Lazarus Financial Group offers contingency debt collections services for both consumer and commercial accounts. The appeal of contingency debt collection is that you pay nothing unless we collect from your customer. Contingency collections has become the industry standard for collection agencies. However, most agencies fail to present all the price points for this service.

Litigation: These programs directly address the problem of what to do with accounts that have gone through the collection work flow process without resolution. Our Litigation Services program utilizes our nationwide network of over 12,000 attorneys, private investigators and in field agents to initiate civil actions on accounts that meet established criteria. Our experience is that most debt collection accounts are paid without going through the full trial and judgement process.